Surf Spots – Five to Experience While in Los Angeles

Posted on February 22 2018

Surf Spots – Five to Experience While in Los Angeles

Whether you’ve got a long layover at LAX or are thinking about visiting the City of Angeles for a more extended period of time, getting out and hitting some waves will add stoke to your time in LA.

First and foremost, drop in and see us at Poseidon Surf Shop - 1654 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 - (310) 694-8428 - for all of your surfboard, SUP, and wetsuit needs.

And then you’re ready to charge!


Santa Monica Surf SUP


#5 Bay Street, Santa Monica – Poseidon Surf and Paddle

Right out our backdoor is where the legendary Dog Town and Z-Boys used to surf and skate in Santa Monica. On smaller wave days it is great for beginners with plenty of space for everyone. Depending on what the sand bars are doing, there are fun peaks on bigger days. We ranked this #5 for location. You can use our store, Poseidon Surf and Paddle, as your home base. Go out and surf, and then explore all Santa Monica has to offer. The Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, the original Muscle Beach, and boardwalk will give you a full day of fun.

If you’ve never surfed or tried stand up paddle boarding (SUP) this is your golden opportunity. We have the best instructors in LA. Book today! (310) 694-8428


Bay Street, Santa Monica


#4 Venice Breakwater – 2 Miles from Poseidon Surf and Paddle 

Venice, much like Santa Monica, is great for spending a full day of exploring. The famous Venice Boardwalk will take a couple hours to stroll. Head straight down from Windward Ave. (2 miles from Poseidon) and you’re in the heart of Venice. Literally. You will see the giant “V” metal sculpture, muscle beach and the Venice Skate park. Once on the beach, you’ll see the outcrop of rocks that make up Breakwater. On smaller days it is great for beginners and can have some fun shape on bigger days. Once known for its local territorialism, it is now the “.coms” and "silicon beach millionaires" surf spot.


Venice Breakwater


#3 Topanga – 5.5 Miles from Poseidon Surf and Paddle

If you’re a more advanced surfer and want to experience a slice of LA localism, paddle out at Topanga. It is a really fun, clean, point break wave. The only problem is that there is one take of spot, and 20-30 surfers all battling for it. It’s less gnarly on a smaller day, or if you go in the afternoon when the wind picks up. Yes, we are throwing it up at #3 because it is that good. And we’re keeping it there. If you want to experience what you saw in “Point Break” where Anthony Kiedes throws serious localism vibes at Keanu Reeves, head there.


Surfing Topanga Break 

#2 El Porto, Manhattan Beach - 10.8 Miles from Poseidon Surf and Paddle

El Porto offers a much more chill vibe. Winter is when this break goes off. Yes, there are tons of groms and experienced surfers shredding the living hell out of the waves here. The difference is that they are more chill. There is more tolerance for beginners. El Porto, which is technically just north of Manhattan Beach, is a beautiful upper class neighborhood. Clean, fun waves with plenty of space, and full of beautiful people, it comes in at #2.


Surfing El Porto  

#1 Malibu Surfrider Beach – 11.5 Miles from Poseidon Surf and Paddle

One of the world’s greatest waves, Surfrider offers a little something for everyone. You may see Kelly Slater out there throwing huge fan sprays with his cut backs. You’ll definitely see a bunch of intermediate surfers who are considerate and look out not to drop in on surfers with skill. Over at first point, you time travel back to the 60s and see longboarders hooting and hollering with joy as they bob and weave dropping in on each other, without aggression.

During summertime everyone is there and there can literally be no parking. Even from miles away.

 Surfing Malibu Surfrider


Here’s why you want to make Poseidon your homebase: We’ll quickly go over your skill level and tell you where its good, depending on the swell and time of year. We’ll rent or sell you the equipment you need to make your LA surf or SUP session epic.

We sell the world's best organic coffee - Caffee Luxxe, so you can get your caffeine fix on before you paddle out. We have a bathroom with a hot shower so you can get cleaned up right here afterward and hit dinner here in Santa Monica at any one of the dozens of amazing restaurants with a view. See you soon!




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