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Poseidon Surfboards

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Poseidon Bone Ranger Surfboard Poseidon Bone Ranger Surfboard Quick View

Poseidon Bone Ranger Surfboard

$ 750.00

6'6" x 21 1/8" x 3" 45 Litres
Poseidon Bone Ranger features extra volume under the chest for extra paddle power. Low entry rocker and fast tail rocker. The pulled in tail allows...
Poseidon Malibu Log Surfboard Poseidon Malibu Log Surfboard Quick View

Poseidon Malibu Log Surfboard

$ 1,149.00

9'6" x 23 5/8" x 3 3/8" 86 Litres
Classic Malibu Log shaped for Poseidon by legendary shaper Craig Hollingsworth. When the waves are small to medium and you want 100% trim, glide an...
Poseidon Tarantula Surfboard Quick View

Poseidon Tarantula Surfboard

$ 785.00

7' x 22" x 3" 52 Litres
The Poseidon Ranchero is a classic shape that will handle small waves up to overhead. It's wide nose allows it to paddle like a longboard. The pin...
Poseidon Ranchero Surfboard Quick View

Poseidon Ranchero Surfboard

$ 785.00

7'6" x 21 5/8" x 2 5/8" 55 Litres
The Poseidon Ranchero is the perfect balance between a longboard and a shortboard.  It's wider nose and tail will give you extra float and paddle ...

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