Surftech MISFIT DOPE MACHINE Softworks Surfboard

$ 700.00

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      MISFIT Dope Machine Softworks

      Unrivalled, unprecedented, pure fun: the 'Dope Machine' was the first of our collaboration series with long time 'Mad Minds' advocate George Henderson. Fundamentally, it is a combination of a classic wide point fun-board, almost reminiscent of a 70's single fin spawned with a modern proggy fish or hybrid. 

      The signature diamond tail gives the board a shorter rail line, so the water breaks easier which creates an early pivot point for a wildly response, tighter, turning board that also allows for positioning in more critical parts of a wave. The rail volume is reduced slightly, rocker increased and bottom concave charged up for a damn lively ride. True to name, the 'Dope Machine' is one TUFF customer. It's a little known fact that before the invention of transparent, high-impact polycarbonate, the L.A.P.D used Dope Machines as riot shields.


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