Stay Covered 10'0" - 10'6" Big Wave Gun Coffin Double

$ 345.00

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      Big Wave Gun Travel Coffin Bag


      Length - Our Surfboard Travel Coffin bags are designed with the inside dimension the same as the advertised length.  A 10'0" coffin double has an inside dimension of 10'0". A board with a length of 10'2" will require a 10'6" coffin.

      Width: The width of our Big Wave Gun Travel Coffin is 22" wide.  This will accommodate a board that is 22" wide, but not much more.

      Depth: The inside depth of the coffin is 8" at the center and tapered to 6" at the nose and tail. This will fit a two board max with a width of 22" and thickness of 4"

      Construction: Our Surfboard Travel Coffin is constructed with a 3/8" closed cell packing foam that is sandwiched between two layers of material.  On the outside is a 600d Cordura that is able to withstand the harshest of conditions.  On the inside is a heat resistant, UV coated heavyweight tarpoline, with 600d cordura nose and tail patches.  1000D Ballistic Cordura reinforces the nose and tail on both the top and bottom.

      Transparency: In todays economy, textiles is one of the most competitive manufacturing industries.  Our line of Heavy Duty Day Bags are designed to compete in both quality and price with industry leaders.  Therefor we made the decision to outsource these bags overseas.  The first thought that comes to mind with overseas in China.  But, our bags are not made in China.  We have teamed up with a very reputable company with an office in California and a factory in the Philippines.  With over 10 year of business relations we have grown fond of the Philippines, its people and its surf.  Rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality board bag.

      Made in Cali Warranty:  If at any time you believe that your bag has not lived up to the quality you expected, call 760-721-6599 or e-mail us.  At our warehouse in Oceanside, we are able to fix and repair board bags on the spot.  We believe in keeping products in the market as long as possible.  If we can fix it, we will!  If it is beyond repair, we'll tell you.

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