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      Don’t let a baggage handler’s bad day ruin your trip. Protect your boards from the rigors of travel with the Armored Coffin surfboard travel bag. This bag comes equipped with semi-rigid top and bottom panels adding an extra layer of protection from whatever might be thrown at it. The rails are safe and sound thanks to inflatable inserts. These chambered rail inserts can be adjusted for length and depth depending on the size and number of boards. Bubble wrap and pool noodles are a thing of the past. The inflatables can easily be deflated, folded, and stored in one of the compartments of your bag until they are ready to fly again. Enjoy the versatility and convenience of a wheeled bag by attaching to your rolling luggage suitcase for easy transportation through the terminal, then simply detach at the baggage check-in.

      Arm yourself for the journey ahead with the Pro-Lite Armored coffin.

      This bag was designed for the traveling surfer taking 3-4+ boards. Keep in mind that the total amount of boards this bag will fit depends on their individual widths, thickness and overall volumes. For example, 5 standard performance style shortboards around 2.5 inches thick or less will easily fit in this bag. If a couple boards are closer to around 3 inches thick, then 4 boards would be a better fit.

      • Specifications

        • 10" bag depth
        • WIDTH 24”
        • This bag is cut close to 3" longer than posted size to better accommodate boards of equal length.
        • Made to hold 3-4+ boards depending on overall size/volume.
        • It is possible to fit 5 boards if they are all thinner/performance style shortboards around 2.5" inches thick.
        • If multiple boards are around 3" inches thick then 4 boards would be a better fit.
        • One internal divider and one padded 3mm board packer bag included.
        • Removable and customizable rail guard inflatable system.
        • Top and bottom body armor for extra protection and rigidity.
        • 600 Denier Cube-Tech Poly material and 10mm foam protection.
        • Molded non-corrosive zippers.
        • Custom Pro-Lite print panels.
        • Multiple Interior storage/fin pockets.
        • Interior seat belt straps.
        • Four exterior compression straps.
        • Exterior side pocket for tie down straps.
        • Molded rubber handles on nose and side.
        • External wax/key pocket
        • Fixed size hang tag.
        • Identification badge.
        • Tie down loops.
        • Tri-fold design for easy storage.
        • Adjustable deluxe shoulder strap with Velcro closure system.
        • Vent to allow air flow to keep your board cool.
        • Empty bag weight 21-22lbs depending on size.
        • 4 tie down loop points on top of bag to attach any roller luggage bag for easier transport (seen in video).
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