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      NSP SUP Foil

      A dedicated SUP and Wing foil board
      This new generation of SUP foiling shapes takes engineering queues from the Americaʼs Cup foiling boats.

      The recreational series is designed with the same outlines and rocker as the Pro Series, but with a dialled down concave and a less pronounced stringer line. The Rec Series also has a bit more volume in the front section of the board and fuller rails compared to the Pro Series range.

      Overall, the increased stability makes it easier to focus on getting onto the foil and really helps recovering from dramatic touchdowns while flying.

      SUP Foil features:
      * Perfect for first-time sup and wing foilers.
      * Increased volume in the front half of the board and fuller rails compared to the pro series range, provide increased volume and stability.
      *Dynamically efficient bottom shape allows you to get on the foil with minimal effort.
      *Increase nose volume and chined rails make it easy to recover from dramatic touchdowns.
      • Thermoformed EVA deck pad with pronounced kick tail and side wedges.
      • Twin track foil tuning guide.
      • Multi-positioning foot strap inserts mid-deck and tail.

      Protech construction of the SUP Foil
      NSPʼs Protech technology is an ideal construction as it is combines performance and price in a very attractive package for beginning to intermediate foilers.
      Riders can now hit the water hard, lose minimal speed or momentum, and recovery is smooth after an accidental touchdown.
      • 36g molded SecureCell EPS core
      • The standing area is reinforced with biaxial glass to avoid dings or dents from excessive pumping, while also helping to prevent delamination.
      • Center ridge just below the EVA deck pad runs conveniently along the entire length of the deck pad allowing you to position yourself on the center of your board without looking down.
      • The twin-track foil mount laminated bottom to deck in reinforced high density PU boxes for maximum strength fits perfectly for the NSP Airwave Hydrofoil, but allows for installation of many other twin-track foils on the market.

      Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
      6'6" 27" 4.94" 116L
      6'10" 28" 4.94" 128.5L
      7'2" 29" 5" 141.3L

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