NSP O2 Pioneer FS SUP

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      The O² Pioneer FS is designed for unmatched versatility, stability, durability and performance. A single board that gives the paddler a wide range of on-water applications. River running, overnighters, fishing or racing, this board does it all!

      NSP O2 Pioneer FS

      Having previously worked with Ken on The Quest, we returned to Colorado backcountry adventurer Ken Hoeve, to colaborate on another platform, perfectly suited for his home state conditions where the rivers flow fast and the fish are plentiful.


      Every piece and component of the Pioneer was scrutinized over for two years. Ken wanted to ensure that this is the one board that meets every requirement that river paddlers are looking for. His creation is an extra-rigid platform that gives paddlers a fast and stable exploration platform that can be customized and excels at a wide variety of applications. Even the top sheet graphic serves a purpose. Not only does it pay respect to its home watersheds of the Eagle and Colorado rivers, but it also acts as camouflage when floating, portaging or accessing areas you’d rather keep a low profile on. The Pioneer’s attention to detail runs deep and is the one board that will serve up so many adventures. Read More about the design, durability, versatility and stability of the Pioneer below.


      Fin versatility and placement as well as hull stiffness were yet another priority that had to be done just right. A Pioneer FS comes with a center fin and two side bites, allowing the paddler to select exactly what they want under the board and to interchange them quick and with ease.


      • Premium Backpack with wheels
      • Double Action pump
      • 9" Nylon center fin


      The width of the O² Pioneer FS provides incredible initial and secondary stability for running rapids, fishing from as well as being more steady and secure in head to head racing. The rocker profile in the bow is high enough to assist in riding up and over waves yet low enough to carry momentum in flat water. The mild stern rocker is set so that it gives the paddler an easier way to step back and make quicker and more sure-footed turns. One of the key design features of the Pioneer’s dimensions is the way it carries its width through the stern. Most inflatable boards taper off quickly in the stern making them less stable in moving water. The Pioneer continues its width further down toward the tail giving additional stability in pivot turns, wave trains and provides paddlers with more volume to load gear for overnight trips.


      At 11 feet long the O² Pioneer FS is not only suited for quick downriver paddling but it also meets the regulated size requirements for most organized downriver races (Mountain Games etc.). This was done very intentionally so that paddlers could not only have a board that allows them the ability to cover distances while free paddling but also be competitive in river competitions. These same dimensions you will read about throughout this design brief are also used with detailed considerations to the demands of making the best inflatable fishing board possible. The Scotty mounts incorporated into the deck aren’t simply placed anywhere but are carefully thought out to maximize the number of rods carried, access, balance, and create the possibility for any hunter or fisherman to create their own perfect set up.


      Anyone that has ever stepped foot on an NSP knows they are built to last. With river running being the primary use of this board it had to be built to take the daily beating that this environment dishes out. Double layered rail construction with a double sealing rail band along with pre-laminated fusion skin is just a small example of its toughness. And while some boards use plastic D-rings and bungee cords, the Pioneer is once again made with true river runners in mind. You would NEVER see these types of components used on legitimate river crafts. The Pioneer exclusively uses heavy-duty metal D-rings throughout the deck as well as true cam straps for proper rigging. Bungees have no place in the river environment where dry bags need to be tightened down and secured. The four cam strap locations ensure you can fit plenty of gear on the deck and run rapids knowing it’s not going to come loose.

      Pioneer FS Features

      • Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination

      • Double layer rail construction with double sealing rail band

      • Increased nose and tail rocker for best white water experience

      • Heavy-duty nose D-rings for anchoring in rough conditions

      • Nose and tail heavy duty tie-down belts for safety gear

      • 3 x Standard Scotty mounts for attaching fishing gear, GPS, or seat

      • Thermoformed EVA deck pad

      • 2 x d-rings on tail

      • 2 + 1 fin set up with Click fins

      • Paddle holder on the tail


      Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
      11'0" 35.5" 6" 350L
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