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      “The Phoenix is a kite that any rider can go out on the water with and boost huge! The Phoenix is designed for all skill levels from beginner to pro to have lofty jumps, increased hangtime, and soft landings. Just sheet in and fly! With an adjustable bar pressure/kite turning speed you can adjust the Phoenix to suit your riding style.“ - Ewan Jaspan

      Brand new to the Naish lineup, the Phoenix is our 5-strut big air kite that has been designed for kiters in search of massive boosts. This sheet-in-and-boost kite will give you long gliding jumps and smooth landings. The medium bar pressure combined with the fixed bridle provides a stable kite with excellent control and a direct connection ensuring you will always know where your kite is in the air, inspiring confidence with every jump. The Phoenix is a high aspect, open arc kite that delivers power to take you up into the air and keep you up. If you are looking for the easiest way to glide through the sky, the Phoenix is here for you.


      High V Adapter

      The High V Adapter changes the shape of the kite, making it slightly more c-shaped than flat. This small change allows the kite to have more pivotal turns for riders looking to megaloop.

      Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric

      The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric is an extremely durable material, creating a strong and stiff canopy. Quad-Tex withstands punishing conditions while maintaining high-performance characteristics over the long term.

      2-Ply Trailing Edge

      The 2-ply trailing edge buffers and disperses canopy flutter to reduce wear on the kite and enhance its durability. 

      HT Plus Seam

      Our high-tensile thread strengthens the leading edge along the seam, allowing you to confidently inflate your kite to a higher pressure for better flying performance. 

      Molded Strut Ends

      The molded strut ends provide additional reinforcements to protect the struts from natural wear and tear.

      EVA Bumpers

      The bumpers protect the canopy from wear and tear during inflation, launching, and landing.

      Aramid Patches

      Provides protection and reinforcement to the seams on the leading edge.

      Fixed Bridle

      The fixed bridle doesn't have a pulley and it locks in the shape of the kite, giving direct feedback from the bar to the kite. 

      SureLock Valve

      Streamlined valve and pump hose locks to the valve. 

      One Point Inflation System

      Our one point inflation system provides quick and easy inflation and deflation of the kite.

      Diagonal Load Seam

      Distributes kite tension for a more powerful and well-balanced kite.

      Progressive Profile

      Evolving the profile along the wingspan allows the center sections of the kite to generate power while the flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning. 

      Radial Segmented Arc

      Short linear segments accurately form the kite's arch - the kites have multiple panels to reduce sharp edges on the kite’s arc. 

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