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      • 170 Square inches of surface area. 37” wing span. Built for speed and efficiency. Your friends won’t be able to catch you as you race down the lineup.
      • All wings come with a protective transportation case. 

      Our high aspect wings are designed to increase glide ratio which essentially improves the riders ability to pump the foil and connect multiple rides in one. Being a Lift , we don’t compromise on performance. Our wing sections are fine tuned for minimal drag and our construction is stout.  Pictures show front and back assembly. This item includes the wing front only — back, mast and board sold separately.

      What is high aspect foiling?

      High aspect wings offer enhanced efficiency and glide through the water for more experienced riders, expanding the range of surfing. High aspect foiling takes advantage of these wings to connect multiple waves in a row whilE foiling for extended sessions.


      Our initial three high aspect wings are 170, 200 and 250 (small, medium, large), all with a wing span of 37”— the widest of all Lift wing collections.

      These wings are designed with a very low drag profile which allows the rider an enhanced glide at top speeds.

      Choose a smaller wing for high speeds and/or smaller riders, or a larger wing for larger riders or smaller surf.

      For our eFoils, the high aspect wings increase battery life significantly due to their efficiency, but we recommended them for more experienced riders.


       Weight 3 kg


      -Lift offers optimal carbon fiber wing designs with superior strength and performance in a variety of sizes.

      -We’ve tested and fine-tuned every detail, including size, shape, and angles, to engineer wings that maximize control and stability and minimize unnecessary drag.

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