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      Full carbon kite foil board

      The Mini Foil is our small and ultra light full carbon kite foil board. If you like cruising around and having the most fun on light wind days, this could be your board. All our foil boards are made of full carbon. There is no glass fibre hidden underneath the carbon fibre. Carving, pumping, looping or sitting down, this board can handle it!

      Key board features

      Easy to control

      We made this kite foil board super light and stiff, to give the best response. You can really feel the foils every move and control accordingly. 


      Our experience in building the lightest and strongest carbon kiteboards to now also build the lightest and strongest carbon foil boards possible. Our foil tracks are set in a thick honeycomb plate that evenly spreads the load from the foil to the board.

      The plate is sandwiched in carbon both on the outside and also on the inside of the board. This ensures a strong and reliable connection and gives the best feedback and energy transfer. 

      Inserts for footstraps and comfy deckpads

      The mini foil comes with inserts. The inserts are set in both the V and straight line configurations. The deck is covered with a sanded 3mm black EVA pad. This pad gives reliable grip, but not too much, so it’s still easy to move your feet around. 





      It all starts with the core and every board we make starts with a foam core of our very own 50K closed cell foam. This foam is formalized exclusively for us, it is not used in any other board in the market.

      The foam can withstand 50.000 kg per square meter, while staying very light, and most of all very flexible. Another plus of our 50K foam is that it is closed cell, meaning that the foam will not take in water, and the board will not blow out when it gets hot.



      All our foil boards are produced in our 100% carbon fiber construction. You want carbon fiber in a foil board for its stiffness and strength. A stiff board will give you the best control and response from the foil. Also stiffness will make pumping the foil much more effective. With carbon fiber we are able to make the board extremely strong while really light at the same time.

      The most stress in a foil board is in the connection of the foil to the board. So this is where we put extra care and attention to make it the strongest connection available. The foil mount is CNC cut with the board, for the highest precision. We only use FUTURES oneshot boxes as they are the strongest in the industry.  The boxes are placed in a panel of ultra high density PET honeycomb. This PET honeycomb itself is sandwiched in carbon again. Meaning there is carbon fiber both inside the board and outside. The honeycombs open structure ensures a solid connection between inside and outside, fusing everything together into a solid block.

      Our lamination is completely different as well. We use a vacuum technique developed in house, where we layer all the carbon fiber, and reinforcements on the board dry. Then we extract all the air from the bag and inject the epoxy resin under pressure. This results in the tightest lamination possible, with the best ration between fiber and epoxy. It also gives 100% connection to the core so the boards do not delaminate. Extra patches under the feet prevent heel denting.

      Inserts in our foil range are made from blocks of high density material. And can be customized position wise. These blocks are also fused to the core so they never pull out.


      Mini Foil  Width Thickness Volume Weight *
      3’2” 17,8” 1,52” 13,16L 2.13 KG
      3’6” 18” 1,62” 15,6L 2.25 KG
      3’10” 18.2” 1.72” 18,48L 2.42 KG
      4’2” 18.4″ 1.82” 21,52L 2.66 KG
      4’6” 18.6” 1.92” 24,86 L 2.90 KG
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