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      FFB believes Downwinding is the pinnacle of foiling, and we have been working behind the scenes refining our version of the perfect board for endless downwind SUP journeys. The Dagger is the culmination of prototyping and testing.

      Like big wave guns, the Dagger's narrow outline and pulled in pin tail is designed to slice through the water yielding efficient speed and glide. A unique bottom design progresses from a semi displacement hull allowing for low-speed control through chop, then seamlessly transitions to a planning hull for early lift and downwind acceleration. Our unique "T-V Tail" is engineered to assist with momentum when paddle-pumping and to maintain stability through the rails towards the end of the board.

      Mastering the matrix known as Downwinding is about as hard as it gets, the Dagger is designed to make your journey a little easier.

      Note: Chinook Track Box requires longer track hardware.


      Length (ft/in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (L)
      6'9" 18" 5.5" 90L
      7'0" 19" 5.5" 100L
      7'5" 20" 5.5" 110L
      7'10" 21" 5.5" 122L
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