Tom Carroll Paddle Surf Loose Leaf SUP 9'0"

$ 1,750.00

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      The TC Paddle Surf Loose Leaf 9'0" Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) brings design and innovation together to produce a board that caters to the performance end of the SUP wave riding market.

      DESIGN: Inspired by Tom Carroll's lust for riding waves with no limitations. The overall design focuses on providing control through efficient water flow, and remarkable response through specially designed bottom curves and a more refined outline.

      CONTOURS: The unique bottom contours reduce rail volume and drag without sacrificing wave riding sensitivity. The deep double concave displacement hull allows free flowing water movement through the underside of the nose and enhances a positive connection to the wave face on steeper drops. Subtle concave through the centre leads into a pronounced spiral vee out the tail, which provides quick turning capabilities and effortless roll from rail-to-rail.

      ROCKER: Moderate nose lift combined with a smooth rocker profile out through the tail allows this board to accelerate quickly off the mark and fit in the most critical parts of the wave at multiple angles of attack. The rocker has also been designed to allow forward movement when paddling into waves, and easy turning when driving off the tail zone.

      FINS: Versatile 4 + 1 set up comes with the new FCS II TC SUP quad set for ultimate pivoting and turning response. The 6" TC Paddle Surf single fin can be used with either the quad side or rear fins providing a more controlled feel.

      PERFORMANCE: Five sizes in this model accommodate a broad range of riders. Highly responsive with just the right amount of control, this board is ideal for those adventuring from the intermediate to advanced end of their wave riding skills.

      Approx board weights:

      8'0: 7.9kg/17.4lbs

      8'4: 8.4kg/18.5lbs

      8'8: 9.1kg/20lbs

      9'0 9.8kg/21.6lbs

      9'6: 10.6kg/23.3lbs.

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