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  • Sunova Eco-Tec Surf
  • Sunova Eco-Tec Surf
  • Sunova Eco-Tec Surf
  • Sunova Eco-Tec Surf
  • Sunova Eco-Tec Surf

Sunova Eco-Tec Surf

$ 1,499.00

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Product Details

it's all about comfort…

The SURF range is made for comfort. That little bit more volume, slightly more area, the tiny thicker rail will help you look good no matter what and where. Those 4 boards are a great selection for almost everyone. And also available in our EcoTec construction which is almost as light as the XXX-Tec.

The SURF 9'5 takes care of guys wanting to take on those bigger waves with the performance approach. Girls will love this too and its a great flat water board for lighter people.
The SURF 10'2 is exactly what you want if you like longboarding. Ride it like a longboard and surf your heart out. Paddle in on flat water or play on it with your kids.
The SURF 10'6 is the most all-round board we got. It combines all aspects of a SUP in the best ways. Performance, Surf, Longboarding, Stability, Comfort, easy to use.
The SURF 10'11 is our largest and most balanced allrounder. Its still in a surf shape and so surfing is possible, long paddle tours and fun with your loved ones. That extra stability makes this the best board if you want only one board for your whole family.
Playing in the water is always fun.


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