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Starboard Starbaord 18'6" X 60" X 8" Astro Starship

$ 3,603.00

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“The Starship is the ultimate 6 to 8 person team boards.”
With plenty of volume to accommodate up to 8 people, a perfect slender nose outline and a low entry rocker, the Starship is designed for maximum stability and cruising efficiency. The Starship is a great option for families and friends to have one board that everyone can use and enjoy together, whether its surfing, exploring or just having fun on the water. It’s also a perfect tool for team building, as a Starship race requires coordination and communication to win 

.A thrilling experience that MUST be tried.

36.8 kg.

Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Max Rider Wgt:
18'6" 60" 8.0" 34.3" 1250L 700 kg


  • 6.0” (150mm) dropstitch creates our stiffest technology.                                                                                                                                                                                            ** The Astro Deluxe Widepoint 8’2 and Converse 9’0 use a 4.0″ (100mm) dropstitch to create the best rail definition for making the board more performant in surf.
  • Deck and bottom have high strength, 0.5mm 1000 Denier laminate over a uni-directional 250 Denier dropstitch material, delivering optimum stiffness at light weight.
  • Rails with 0.5mm 500 Denier polyester plain weave, for 100% air tightness covered by robust bi-axial 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester mesh, for additional stiffness.
  • 2015 rails are 70% thicker and stronger than the 2014 Astro rails.
  • The parabolic compression band in the critical deck edge area, creates a curved edge, increasing stiffness with little weight penalty.
  • For more stiffness, a dual stringer on the most compressive area of the deck.
  • The short Starboard Astro US box helps to roll up the board as tight as possible.
  • The side fin boxes will fit our standard removable Surfinz or your favourite FCS fins.
  • The high grade EVA deck pad has a 4mm thick square groove in the standing area and a 2mm thick aft section, all the way to the rail of the board.

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