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Starboard 8'5" X 30" Pocket Rocket Wood

$ 1,999.00

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“Getting in the Pocket just got a whole lot easier.” 

The Pocket Rocket has been “the GO-TO” board for many satisfied owners due to its shorter length, moderate width, yet excellent stability for when conditions are less than perfect. 

What was an already superfast, agile, stable performer, has been improved with a subtle increase in rocker at the front foot, the addition of slightly more V off of the tail and the nose being slightly pulled in.

All these subtle changes have made the Pocket Rocket smoother to initiate and redirect turns, while fitting into tighter pockets of the wave. 

“Continuous mono-concave”

*AST Electric has windsurf option.

8.97 kg
19.78 lbs
STD Weight
Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Max Rider Wgt:
8’5” 30” 4.3” 18.1” 131 L 85 kg
256.5 cm 76.2 cm 10.9 cm 46 cm
  • 15 kg/m3 fused cell core for light weight and increased water resistance.
  • A 500 kg/m3 veneer of 0.6mm biaxial Australian Pine forms an outer layer on the deck resulting in extra impact resistance, rigidity and further improved overall hull integrity.
  • A three-dimensional glass laminate is wetted out with high grade expanding epoxy resin. This creates a thicker impact resistant outer skin with increased overall hull strength.
  • Glass rail reinforcements for extra stiffness against snapping when nose diving.
  • Extra reinforcements are placed around all inserts, resulting in zero insert damage reports so far.
  • Starboard pioneered molded wood technology in 1994 and first introduced it to their Surf and Windsurfer board lines.

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