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Starboard 17'6" X 23" Sprint Unlimited Custom Carbon

$ 3,499.00

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Product Details

“Speed unlimited, the World’s fastest paddle board.”

This board design was achieved by pushing all physical and scientific limitations, keeping only one thing in Mind: Unreal Speed !!

Every design parameter has been optimized with state of the art computer fluid dynamic simulations for the best possible effort-to -speed ratio. Over 30 digital shapes have been benchmarked in order to come up with this result: The World Fastest Paddle Board Ever !

Optimum beam / length ratio and prismatic coefficient made this beast the ultimate speed machine.

Designed as a flat water board with Race 24 fin, this board does extremely well in light chop when equipped with an Ocean Fin Race 45 which has been specially designed to enhance drastically the stability of the board by moving its center of effort deep under the board, creating high momentum in transversal stability.

The Sprint Unlimited is available in a sole, state of the art triaxial carbon technology, exclusively used on the Unlimited, allowing a board of its size to weight 11kg to stay stiff in flat water for best energy transfer, yet allowing a high recoil flex in ocean conditions. 

Unlimit yourself and experience the thrilling sensation of paddling at unseen velocity, effortlessly leaving no wake behind you.

10.90 kg
24.03 lbs
EST Weight
Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Max Rider Wgt:
17’6” 23” N/A 14.3” 217 L 85 kg
533.4 cm 58.4 cm N/A 37.1 cm


  • Super light weight biaxial carbon is laminated over the entire hull for the lightest weight, best strength ratio and most efficient flex.
  • The mid section of the board has stiffer UD Carbon side stringers to maintain the rocker in that critical area, thus optimizing glide.
  • Thin high density PVC is used on the entire board minimizing resin uptake and maximizing strength. 0.6mm thick wood reinforcements are localized right below the standing platform to further enhance the longevity of the extra high density PVC sheet on the tray.
  • This is the lightest and strongest race board construction we have ever offered.

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