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  • Starboard 10'6"X25" Astro Junior Astro Zen

Starboard 10'6"X25" Astro Junior Astro Zen

$ 1,046.00

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Product Details

  • Flat rocker and narrow outline for maximum glide and to hold
    the paddle closer and straighter to the board for improved tracking.
  • Inflatable is the safest option for kids that is easy to store in
    a backpack and can be inflated in a few minutes.
  • Traveling has never been easier for the whole family to
    pack their boards in the car and go and explore.
  • Available in Zen Technology


It’s fun, it’s learning and it’s sharing. We believe that future
generations of paddle boarders will change the world
for the better, starting with protecting the environment where
we learn to paddle. Starboard has teamed up with SUPKids to
deliver water safety programs and environmental education to
shape a better future for generations of watermen.


“Most probably the only real kids’ board in the market. The Astro Junior Racer is 10’6”x25”, a perfect board for 5 to 12 year old kids. The board is incredibly light, so kids can easily carry it alone.”~German SUP Magazine



Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
Weight Range
10’6” 25” 4.0” 13.4” 143 L 30-65 kg
320.0 cm 63.5 cm 10.2 cm 34 cm


Strong and durable.

Features include:

  • Strong double layer PVC laminates for maximum strength on the deck and bottom.
  • Visible double rail band with extra thick PVC Outer Rail Band for maximum protection.
  • Biaxial dropstitch for strength and stiffness.

Added Features:

  • Zen is over 2 kg lighter than similar sized boards in the market.
  • Neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on the tail.
  • Quality padded neoprene handle.
  • Integrated tow ring in the valve area and bottom of the nose.
  • EVA deck pad for easy grip.

Fin box:

  • Flexible permanent side fins for tracking and safety.
  • Universal US Center Fin Box to fit all sizes of fins. Short for easy board roll up.
  • Supplied with black injected moulded fins.

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