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  • Red Paddle Co. 10'8" RIDE Windsup inflatable SUP

Red Paddle Co. 10'8" RIDE Windsup inflatable SUP

$ 1,379.00

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Windsurfing can be an intimidating sport to get into, which is a shame, because the rewards are so great. But here’s a brilliant solution – the 10’8” Ride Windsup.

This is a board with all the practical benefits of an inflatable SUP that’s also designed specifically with beginner windsurfers in mind. The 10’8” is longer and wider in the midpoint than the 10’6” Ride Windsup, which gives it more stability and delivers a board that’s ideal for the first-time rider.

Equally, its increased dimensions make it a better fit for the larger rider. It has a removable rear fin, which means you can still pack it down for easy transport. It also has a central US fin box so you can add a US Box style fin,  giving it impressive tracking when in windsurfer mode.  And of course, if you want to SUP, the board works just fine without the sail (not included), too.

MSL fusion composite and airtight coating New for 2016, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves almost 2kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.


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