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  • NSP Touring Elements SUP

NSP Touring Elements SUP

$ 1,199.00

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Based on a design by NSP pro team rider and NSW national champion, Alain Teurquetil the 11’0” and 12’0” NSP Touring boards are made to offer the ultimate blend of paddling comfort, cruising speed and general versatility. Equally at home on a river or lake for fitness training or your first foray into the surf zone on a small, open ocean run. Touring is about enjoyment and these boards offers that in spades. Plugs on the nose for cargo straps allow you to take food, water, lifejackets or even camping or picnic gear. With a touring board it’s as much about the journey as the destination, and when you arrive on an NSP Touring SUP, you will be doing so in style, comfort and with a smile from ear to ear.



  • - NSP first tier full epoxy construction in durable and affordable vacuum molded HDT (High Definition Technology)
  • - More refinement in plan-shape, foil, rail and bottom contours to enhance performance and visual appeal
  • - Popular full colour design, contrasting deck pad
  • - Polished rails, matt finish speed bottom
  • - Cargo and accessories plugs 9’8”/10’2”/11’0”/11’6”
  • - Y handle
  • - NSP twin tab fin plugs, 2 x M3 sides included & 8 or 9” centre fin (9” only on touring)
  • - Fin set up: 4+1 (allround models - except 9'8"), 2+1 (cruise models & 9'8 allround), single (touring)


When you want a no-nonsense board that won’t break the bank and that is stronger than many other constructions, look no further than the NSP Elements range. EPS Securecell at the core with a durable yet supremely lightweight vacuum molded Epoxy Fibre sandwich shell, the Elements range is exactly what the SUP enthusiast needs to make the most out of every session. With a unique matt finish and polished rails, the striking solid colours of the Elements range will ignite your SUPing passion!

  • - Securecell EPS Core
  • - Fibre Sandwich
  • - Vacuum Epoxy
  • - Matt & Polished Satin
  • - Deck Pad
      Length Width Thick Vol Fins Tech Available Weight in kg
      8'0" 291/2'' 4" 106.3L M5 Soft     9.1***
      8'10" 291/8'' 43/8" 123.3L M3+8''     7.8*
      9'2" 293/8'' 41/2" 129.5L M3+8''   10.5*/8*
      9'8"* 32" 45/8" 166.2L M3+8'' 11.6*/12.5*/9.4*
      10'0" 32" 41/4" 169L M3+8'' 11.7/12.6*/9.4*
      10'0" 33" 41/2'' 170 L M5 Soft     11.7
      10'0'' 32" 6" 295L 8"     14
      10'6" 32" 41/2" 175L M3+9'' 12.22/13.6*/10.2*
      10'6" 34 6" 325L 8"     14
      10'11" 321/4'' 411/16'' 186.1L M3+8''     10.3*
      *Weights + / - 6% for E2 Classic, Cocomat and Elements technologies
      ***Weights + / - 10% for P2 Soft

      TBA – Not available - To be updated once available
      All weights shown are subject to change without notice

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