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  • NSP DC Surf Race

NSP DC Surf Race

$ 1,499.00

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NSP DC Elements Surf Race 12'6" X 29"

Designed to be at the front of the pack of the popular 12'6 race class the Surf Race Range from Standard to Pro modes has great flatwater speed and amazing stability and control in buoy turns, in and out of the surf and ocean conditions. These boards are also proven downwind ocean performers making the DC designed 12'6 one of the most versatile boards ever made. The 12’6 Surf Race Pro is designed by Travis Grant and the rest of the range follows similar, yet more forgiving characteristics to accommodate the non-professional athlete.

DC Element


  • - All NSP DC race board shapes are designed by Alain Teurquetil and shaped by Dale Chapman with input from world champion Travis Grant
  • - Elements is the NSP first tier full epoxy construction in durable and affordable vacuum molded technology
  • - Based on pro models, these boards feature widths suitable for those looking to start racing or the larger rider looking for a very durable board
  • - Pro inspired graphics, contrasting 2 tone, tri-density deck traction
  • - NSP race blue, matt speed finish
  • - Y-handle and nose race strap
  • - Single fin box slot and 9” hatchet fin included- goretex  vent


NSP DC Element

When you want a no-nonsense board that won’t break the bank and that is stronger than many other constructions, look no further than the NSP Elements range. EPS Securecell at the core with a durable yet supremely lightweight vacuum molded Epoxy Fibre sandwich shell, the Elements range is exactly what the SUP enthusiast needs to make the most out of every session. With a unique matt finish and polished rails, the striking solid colours of the Elements range will ignite your SUPing passion!
  • - Securecell EPS Core
  • - Fibre Sandwich
  • - Vacuum Epoxy
  • - Matt finish
  • - Deck Pad, Handle

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