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  • NSP Cruise Cocomat SUP

NSP Cruise Cocomat SUP

$ 1,299.00

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In sizes starting at 10’2” and up to 11’6” this SUP design is a great first board for beginners or families alike. With its generous volume, it’s easy to balance for riders of all sizes and skill levels. It features a modern, double concave bottom shape and fluid outline which will make this a super fun board on flatwater and in the surf, under light to medium conditions. 10’2” Cruise If you are into SUP Yoga – this board provides the perfect platform! It also features a double concave bottom shape and fluid outline which will make this a super fun board in the surf. 11’0” Cruise The 11'0” is the perfect cross-trainer, recreational flat-water paddler and light wave board. Developed to make the sport accessible to all skill levels it has generous width making it a great first board. 11’6” Cruise Based on the 11'0” model, the 11'6" was developed for riders over 180lbs. It’s stability is unsurpassed making it an excellent choice for schools and rentals.



  • - NSP top tier, revolutionary patent pending coco-fibre vacuum molded epoxy construction (highest strength to weight ratio epoxy construction)
  • - colour coded polished rail and matt finish speed bottom
  • - y handle
  • - leash: 10’
  • - NSP twin tab fin plugs, 2 x M3 sides included & 8” cocomat centre fin
  • -fin set up: 4+1 (allround models - except 9'8"), 2+1 (cruise models & 9'8 allround)


When nature and science collide, the result is dramatic and the same goes for the Cocomat series by NSP. The natural Coco-Fibre Sandwich shell wraps the Securecell EPS core. It is then vacuum molded with clear epoxy resin and finished with a clear, fluid matt performance skin. Cocomat is both extremely light weight and has an organic strength rarely found in manmade fibres. This is a technology that has been developed and patented by NSP. Every Cocomat board is unique, with a natural look and will perform like no other. Unquestionably the strongest, lightest best value SUP’s on the market.
  • - Securecell EPS Core
  • - Coco-Fibre Sandwich
  • - Vacuum Epoxy
  • - Clear Fluid Matt
  • - Deck Pad

      Length Width Thick Vol Fins Tech Available Weight in kg
      8'0" 291/2'' 4" 106.3L M5 Soft     9.1***
      8'10" 291/8'' 43/8" 123.3L M3+8''     7.8*
      9'2" 293/8'' 41/2" 129.5L M3+8''   10.5*/8*
      9'8"* 32" 45/8" 166.2L M3+8'' 11.6*/12.5*/9.4*
      10'0" 32" 41/4" 169L M3+8'' 11.7/12.6*/9.4*
      10'0" 33" 41/2'' 170 L M5 Soft     11.7
      10'0'' 32" 6" 295L 8"     14
      10'6" 32" 41/2" 175L M3+9'' 12.22/13.6*/10.2*
      10'6" 34 6" 325L 8"     14
      10'11" 321/4'' 411/16'' 186.1L M3+8''     10.3*
      *Weights + / - 6% for E2 Classic, Cocomat and Elements technologies
      ***Weights + / - 10% for P2 Soft

      TBA – Not available - To be updated once available
      All weights shown are subject to change without notice

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