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  • NSP All Around E2Epoxy SUP
  • NSP All Around E2Epoxy SUP
  • NSP All Around E2Epoxy SUP
  • NSP All Around E2Epoxy SUP

NSP All Around E2Epoxy SUP

$ 1,019.00

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Product Details

The NSP Allround series is designed to be one of the most versatile SUPs on the market. They offer the perfect blend of on-wave performance and general paddling glide. All boards feature a wide forward point for efficient and fast paddling and a pulled in tail for maximum maneuverability in all conditions. The bottom features moderate nose lift and a true single to double concave with light vee through the tail - helping generate speed from take-off, and smooth flow from turn to turn. The design is available in tri or tri-quad fin set ups – so let the conditions and your feelings decide the ride set-up for the day. Single, Tri or Quad – it’s up to you. For days at the beach, the local point breaks, sand bars or reefs – the NSP Allround series has you covered.


E2 Classic


  • - NSP mid-tier, highly durable vacuum molded, full epoxy construction, including deck reinforcement
  • - New graphics, full length deck pad
  • - Colour coded polished rail and matt finish speed bottom- cargo and accessories plugs 9’8”/10’2”/11’0”/11’6”
  • - Y handle
  • - Leash: 10’
  • - NSP twin tab fin plugs, 2 x M3 sides included & 8 or 9” centre fin
  • - Fin set up: 4+1 (allround models - except 9'8"), 2+1 (cruise models & 9'8 allround)


NSP E2 Classic

The evolution continues from the technology that started it all. Our E2 range offers the ultimate in durability – and diversity! From new school cool to old school rules, we have it covered under the E2 series with a wide range of shapes and graphic designs to take your performance to the next level and beyond. A vacuum molded Epoxy Foam and Fibreglass sandwich wrapped in a ballistic skin ensures that this board can stand up to almost anything. Look to the busiest hire centres around the world, everywhere! If they can handle this abuse year on year imagine how long it will last in normal situations. This year we step it up a notch with our polished satin finish and evolution never looked so good – are you ready to come along for the ride?

  • - Securecell EPS Core
  • - Fibreglass/Epoxy Foam Sandwich
  • - Ballistic Skin
  • - Polished Satin
  • - Deck Pad
        Length Width Thick Vol Fins Tech Available Weight in kg
        8'0" 291/2'' 4" 106.3L M5 Soft     9.1***
        8'10" 291/8'' 43/8" 123.3L M3+8''     7.8*
        9'2" 293/8'' 41/2" 129.5L M3+8''   10.5*/8*
        9'8"* 32" 45/8" 166.2L M3+8'' 11.6*/12.5*/9.4*
        10'0" 32" 41/4" 169L M3+8'' 11.7/12.6*/9.4*
        10'0" 33" 41/2'' 170 L M5 Soft     11.7
        10'0'' 32" 6" 295L 8"     14
        10'6" 32" 41/2" 175L M3+9'' 12.22/13.6*/10.2*
        10'6" 34 6" 325L 8"     14
        10'11" 321/4'' 411/16'' 186.1L M3+8''     10.3*
        *Weights + / - 6% for E2 Classic, Cocomat and Elements technologies
        ***Weights + / - 10% for P2 Soft

        TBA – Not available - To be updated once available
        All weights shown are subject to change without notice

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