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      PERFLEX – Performance + Flex. Simply the most advanced StandUp Paddle technology.
      Laird StandUp paddles are designed and built using Axenic Technology, which is a unique process that effectively removes the glued joint at the shaft/blade juncture. This translates into superior power transfer and an incredibly balanced paddle. Combined with our Ergo Grip handle, all of our paddles have a very natural feel in your hands. Try one today and experience the difference!


      The Pro Comp is where value and performance meet. 70% Carbon and 30% Fibreglass, the Pro Comp is constructed with our unique PERFLEX Axenic Technology, with a ergo grip handle for the aspiring paddlers who is looking to move up the ranks, avaialble in both Surf and Flat Water blades

      Surf Style paddle – Our classic Tahitian Teardrop Surf Style paddle is designed with a teardrop shaped blade that is well suited to the more dynamic paddle stroke used when surfing waves. The paddle has a very clean entry and exit at all angles and helps create a very clean and efficient paddle stroke. Available in both 85” and 95” blade sizes.

      Race and Flat-water style paddle – Our Race and flat-water paddle features a blade that is wider at the entry point to facilitate a larger “catch” at the beginning of the stroke. This helps to propel you with more speed and power. Available in both 90” and 105” blade sizes.

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    • Variant: Surf 85 Sq. In. / Fixed Length / 2015
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