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  • Laird Carbon Surfer 2017

Laird Carbon Surfer 2017

$ 2,299.00

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The Carbon/PVC construction creates a lighter board that allows it to turn on a dime. Built for ambitious surfers who are ready to push their limits in the water. The classic SUP shape that Laird surfs himself in all but the biggest of waves.

Carbon - Full PVC Carbon

By fusing two layers of multi-axial carbon fibers with high density PVC foam, this high-tech construction reduces the weight of the board between 5% and 10%. The premium PVC CARBON construction will allow for the quickest response and a stiffer flex for better control. The bottom of the board is a smooth sand finish that will create a better glide.

Length Width Thickness Weight (+/- 5%) Volume
9'0'' 29.5'' 4.0'' 16.1 113.1
9'6'' 30.0'' 4.0'' 17.2 123.6
10'0'' 31.0'' 4.1'' 18.1 137.6
10'6'' 32.0'' 4.3'' 19.4 141.8

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