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  • 2016 Naish Hokua 9'0" GTW
  • 2016 Naish Hokua 9'0" GTW

2016 Naish Hokua 9'0" GTW

$ 1,999.00

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Product Details

Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced waveriders, the new Hokua GTW Series allows riders to make the most of every wave. Focusing on predictable and easy-to-ride designs, our collaboration with Gerry Lopez results in boards that deliver super smooth carving. The new rocker design creates a large sweetspot, which results in effortless take-off, quick acceleration and responsive down-the-line surfing. 

Situated between our high-performance Hokua LEs and our most stable Hokua X32 Series, the new GTWs come in three sizes (8’6”, 9’0” and 9’6”) accommodating up to 180 lbs., 190 lbs. and 220 lbs. respectively. 


For added flexibility, all boards in the GTW range can be ridden as a thruster or quad, granting riders the option to adapt the board to their riding style and conditions.

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