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  • 2016 Naish Hokua 8'8" X32 GTW
  • 2016 Naish Hokua 8'8" X32 GTW

2016 Naish Hokua 8'8" X32 GTW

$ 1,999.00

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Product Details

New and extremely accessible wave designs for riders who want the wave turning performance and acceleration of a Hokua blended with the stability and wave catching ease of the Mana. At 32 inches wide, the Hokua X32 models are amazingly easy to ride while ripping small to medium waves to shreds. 

The bottom shape has a single-concave nose, a slight V in the center section and an accelerated V in the tail for looser rail-to-rail performance and acceleration in low to moderate wave speeds. The amplified outline curve and rocker make them perfect for close interval waves, beach breaks, and for getting the absolute most out of less powerful waves.


Hokua X32 boards can be ridden as a thruster or a quad and are available in GTW, GT and LE constructions.

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