Bark Sprinter 10'6" Prone - Ghost Carbon

$ 1,999.00

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      The SPRINTER GHOST CARBON is stable and fast in the flats, with handles in the front at the mid-ship, along with rail handles on bot sides to give you the best grip for those that sprint up the beach.

      The Sprinter, is as its name implies, is a sprint competition prone paddleboard designed for the riggers of international lifeguard competitions. 

      Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
      10'6" 20.25" 7.75" 173L


      The BARK "Ghost Carbon" Construction uses pure carbon fiber creating a race board that is ultra light, stiff and durable. It is the ultimate construction for the elite racer looking for that competitive advantage at an affordable price. The carbon fiber finish shaves many Lbs off the Pro- Elite model and has a unique ghost finish showing just a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface of the finish.
      Ghost Carbon Construction

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