Surftech AIPA Wrecking Ball Surfboard

$ 775.00

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      AIPA Wrecking Ball Fusion-HD

      The Wrecking Ball design comes from an experimental shortboard design Ben Aipa worked on in 1977. A full nose and broad outline in the front half of the board meet an unmistakable Aipa wing near the back third of the board, where the outline curves in a tight radius untill it hits a multi-pronged experimental tail. Ben’s futuristic outline packs a ton of board into a short package. The resulting increase in volume gives the Wrecking Ball extra float for faster paddling and a feeling of “unsinkableness” even the meanest of flat spots can’t sink. Updated with high-performance bottom contours by Ben’s son Duke the wrecking ball features a transitional bottom that fades from a rolled nose to a single concave in the middle of the board to a double concave under the fins and finishes with a vee out the tail. To make the most of the Wrecking Ball’s down-the-line drive and allow riders to harness control of the extra speed this board generates, we’ve opted for a quad fin setup. The result is a high-performance super groveler that blends classic design, experimental innovation, and modern sensibilities into a surfboard that drives down the line with unparalleled speed and bashes through sections without remorse. Feel the power of The Wrecking Ball!


      Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
      5'4" 20" 2.563" 29.84L
      5'6" 20.25" 2.625" 31.92L
      5'8" 20.375" 2.688" 33.86L
      5'10" 20.5" 2.75" 35.91L
      6'0" 20.75" 2.75" 37.38L
      6'2" 21" 2.813" 39.81L
      6'4" 21.25" 2.875" 42.74L
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