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  • 2019 Starboard Sup Inflatable All Star 14''0" x 28" x 6" Airline SUP

2019 Starboard Sup Inflatable All Star 14''0" x 28" x 6" Airline SUP

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Product Details

14’0″ X 28″


Length: 14’0″ / 427 cm

Width: 28″ / 71 cm

14’0″x28″ ALL STAR has the widest outline provides added stability so the rider can reserve energy from balancing and instead use it to maximize paddle power. The wider outline gives extra control in choppy conditions, while the flat rocker maximizes glide for the fastest speed on flats.



 The free-flowing aramid cable locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull sensation. The patented Airline Technology utilises a pre-set free-floating cable. It is attached to the nose, goes under the bottom and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the board so when the board inflates, the cable comes under tension and stiffens the board significantly. We measured 1.8 cm less hull deflection in testing and 2016 World Champion Connor Baxter swears by it. This efficient, lightweight technology is the future of inflatable performance boards.

Model 14'0'' X 28'' ALL STAR
Length (imperial) 14'0"
Length (cm) 426.7
Width (imperial) 28"
Width (cm) 71.1
Thickness (imperial) 6''
Thickness (cm) 15.2
Tail Width (Imperial) 17.6"
Tail Width (cm) 44.7
Volume 345 L
Rider Weight 60-120 kg
Fin Set Up Single
Fins FCS Touring 9"
Weight 12.5 kg (Avg)

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