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  • 2019 Starboard Sup Hyper Nut Foil 4 in 1 8''0" x 31.5" Starlite SUP

2019 Starboard Sup Hyper Nut Foil 4 in 1 8''0" x 31.5" Starlite SUP

$ 1,649.99

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8’0” X 31.5”


Length: 8’0” / 244 cm

Width: 31.5” / 80 cm

This board is ideal for heavier riders, the longer length increases glide and stability to catch waves easily and get up foiling early.



 The HYPER NUT’s wide nose and tail make it a stable shape to get up and riding early. Its short length provides precise trim control allowing you to stand in one position to pump the board for speed. Size range accommodates an array of rider weights and abilities. The smaller sizes (6’10”&7’4’’) are suited to lighter and more advanced riders while the more stable 8’0” make it accessible for heavier riders and those learning the essentials of foil riding.

*All model available in both 4in1 option and SUP only option. The dedicated SUP (surf and foil) option is slightly lighter as it removes the special foot strap inserts and mast track for windsurfing.

Model 8'0'' x 31.5'' HYPER NUT FOIL
Length (imperial) 8'0''
Length (cm) 243.8 cm
Width (imperial) 31.5''
Width (cm) 80 cm
Thickness (imperial) 4.1''
Thickness (cm) 10.4 cm
Tail Width (Imperial) 21.3''
Tail Width (cm) 54.1 cm
Volume 133 L
Rider Weight 65-100 kg
Fin Set Up Quad Foil
Fins 4.7'' / 4.5'' / 5.5'' set for Windsurf
Weight Blue Carbon 9.2 kg (Est)
Weight Starlite 9.8 kg (Est)
Bottom Shape Mono-concave feeding through to channel tail

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