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      THE AVIATOR DOWNWIND PRONE/SUP is for first-time prone downwind foilers or for serious downwind SUP foilers who have already put the time in and are serious about taking the next step. 

      Now, why Prone and SUP? That's easy, with the emergence of prone foiling it is all about going as narrow as you can so when you kneel and utilize your Hand Paddle Co hand paddles you get the most speed possible. Now for those that already SUP downwind foil this board is designed as the narrowest that you can possibly stand on. 

      THE AVIATOR DOWNWIND PRO and THE AVIATOR DOWNWIND ELITE should be used as stepping stones towards this board as this truly is the pinnacle, the easiest possible board to paddle up, but only if you can balance on it. With downwind conditions best in big bumpy water most people cannot SUP on this straight away, it'll take some serious work and again best to start in flatter or calmer water. 

      If your goal is to learn to flat water PRONE/SUP foil this can be your first board as in calm waters you will be able to paddle this board the fastest.

      This board is designed for pure speed, it is narrower, longer and with more volume than any other equivalents in our range. For its width, it has great stability but that is just an added bonus. If you are concerned about stability or being able to get up to speed, go the 8'0” as the extra length and volume will help more than you think.

      This board is also compatible with the Foil Drive™ system as it only uses Carbon Fiber in it's rails which allows wireless communication through the board between the hand controller and the Foil Drive™ unit without any loss of signal.  

      (((All prices shown are for TR3 tec. All boards are also available in XXX tec, please contact your local dealer for pricing)))

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    • Variant: 6'10" x 18" 94.5 Litres Volume / TRE-Tec (Paulownia Wood
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