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  • 2015 Starboard 12'6" X 25" Allstar Carbon Sandwich SUP

2015 Starboard 12'6" X 25" Allstar Carbon Sandwich SUP

$ 3,499.00

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Product Details

  • The most versatile and popular race board from elite to beginner
    riders that can performand win in all conditions.
  • New design combines the All Star rail stability with the speed
    from the triple concave bottom shape of the 2015 Race,
    making it a winner on flat-water.
    Added nose volume and refined overall volume distribution
    made the hull easy and sensationally fast downwind.
  • The bottom shape offers speed from the center channel,
    stability from the side planes and control from the sharp rail
    edge for surfing and downwind.
    Like most creatures in the ocean, Starboards race boards
    have noticeable flex, thus utlising the energy generated from
    the body moving up and down during paddle strokes.
  • 25 different prototypes led us to fine tune and push limits to
    produce a revolutionary design far superior to anything we
    have presented before.
  • Mat Rauzier and Svein Rasmussen led the development with
    support from Titouan Puyo,Bart De Zwart, Zane Schweitzer,
    Beau O’Brian and Connor Baxter.
  • 14’0” and 12’6” available in Carbon Sandwich and Hybrid Carbon.



Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
Weight Range
12’6” 28” 8.3” 17.0” 277 L 75-105 kg
381.0 cm 71.1 cm 21.1 cm 43.1 cm


Lightest weight, efficient flex and extra strength.

Features include:

  • Super light-weight biaxial Carbon is laminated over the entire hull for the lightest weight, best strength ratio and most efficient flex.
  • The mid-section of the board has stiffer UD Carbon side stringers to maintain the rocker in that critical area, thus optimizing glide.
  • Thin high density PVC is used on the entire board minimizing resin uptake and maximizing strength.
  • 0.6mm thick wood reinforcements are localized right below the standing platform to further enhance the longevity of the extra high density PVC sheet on the tray.
  • This is the lightest and strongest race board construction we have ever offered.

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