2014 Starboard 12'6" x 27" Ace - Brushed Carbon - SUP

$ 2,812.00

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      "A board for all conditions"

      The fastest board design for choppy conditions and is easy to surf and turn. The board Brian Szymanski designed in 2009, then further developed over the years by Brian and Svein Rasmussen, the ACE is still the best choice for long distance racing. With a full cockpit, flat and wide recessed deck, you can walk further back on the board while in chop and small swell. It is still Annabel Anderson's go to board in challenging conditions.
      Board weight
      Estimated rider weight (up to) 
      Dimension :
      Length: Width: Tail Width: Volume:
      12'6" 27" 8.5" 287 L
      381 cm 68.5 cm 21.6 cm


      Brushed Carbon 

      • Lightest Technology
      • Most responsive technology
      • Shock and vibration control
      • High Durability Material
      • Super exotic Star Flex Carbon through entire Board
      • Star Cell Foam in bottom and Nose Deck
      • High density in Standing area
      • Fused Cell Core
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