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  • Starboard 14'0"X30" Expedition Wood

Starboard 14'0"X30" Expedition Wood

$ 2,929.00

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Product Details

After all the crossings and expeditions all over the world, Bart de Zwart
had a clear idea of the perfect expedition board.

  • Fast yet stable with enough volume to carry gear and supplies.
    Multi-functional: ready for a day trip with the family or
    a 7-day solo adventure.
  • An inside compartment is used to stow gear, water or food
    and many options to tie-down even more on deck.
    Plugs for towing leashes, GPS and even a deck track for windsurfing.
  • Extra side fin options for windsurfing and a front rudder help to
    stay on course even in windy conditions.
  • Available in Wood Technology.
    Bottom shape: “Round V double concave mid-section
    to deep V concave tail”
  • With the race bottom shape and slightly higher nose,
    this board is designed to go anywhere from flat water,
    to rivers to open ocean.



Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
Weight Range
14’0” 30” 6.5” 17.0” 338 L 65-140 kg
426.7 cm 76.2 cm 16.5 cm 43.1 cm


Strong, light and exclusive. The original wood technology since 1994.

Features include:

  • 15 kg/m3 fused precision-molded cell core for light weight and increased water resistance.
  • A 500 kg/m3 veneer of 0.6mm biaxial Australian Pine forms an outer layer on the deck resulting in extra impact resistance, rigidity and further improved overall hull integrity.
  • A three-dimensional glass laminate is wetted out with high grade expanding epoxy resin. This creates a thicker impact resistant outer skin with increased overall hull strength.
  • Glass rail reinforcements for extra stiffness against snapping when nose diving.
  • Extra reinforcements are placed around all inserts, resulting in zero insert damage reports.
  • Starboard pioneered molded wood technology in 1994 and first introduced it to their Surf and Windsurfing boards.

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